Clearing purchase cards online

21 August 2015


With more and more ANU Purchase (Visa) Cards in use across campus, is it possible to implement a new process so that end users can clear their own cards online, rather than them having to type (or write) the details into/onto a spread-sheet, and then have another staff member undertake the data entry? The main benefits of such a system, which is already in place in most large organisations, would:

(i) allow the end user to clear their transactions as incurred, rather than having to have wait until they receive a report from the Finance Team each month and

(ii) reduce the risk of lost paperwork (which is still a common occurrence both at the end user level and within the Finance Team/s).


The University is planning on reviewing the current purchase card processes and supporting system in 2016. However, the current system and implemented functionality does support a model that allows the cardholder to clear their own transactions online. The Financial Systems team within Finance & Business Services can provide training to cardholders that wish to clear their own transactions.  Requests for training can be made by sending an e-mail to The Financial System team can also provide advice on how to request the required systems access.