Training, support and resources

Records management module  

All ANU staff can access a free, self-paced online course on Introduction to Records Management at ANU available in PULSE. This module will provide you with an overview of University Records and Record Management Practices at ANU. The module can be revisited as often as required, for refresher training or clarification.  

General support  

The University Records team offers additional records management training and support for your local area needs, including:  

  • Tailored records management presentations 
  • Assistance with reviewing records management practices in new or existing business processes  
  • Access, identification, retrieval and retention of digital and paper records   • Tailored training sessions for ERMS general users and Power Users  
  • Integration of local business area SharePoint to ERMS 

Online resources 

In addition to providing one-on-one advice, we continue to build our online, self-service guidance, based on business needs and priorities.  

ANU staff can access the Records Management SharePoint site, which will provide access to additional resources and new items.  

National Archives of Australia

National Archives of Australia (NAA) provides advice and support to government agencies on managing and storing data, information and records in the right place and the right way. To learn more about records authorities and recordkeeping best practice, please visit NAA information management