Paper records

The Electronic Records Management System replaces the Central Records System (CRS) which controlled official paper files. The information about paper files that was in CRS is searchable through the Electronic Records Management System. 

Paper files are no longer created by University Records. You can continue to place papers on existing official files if the matter is close to completion and the file is not already full. For ongoing matters, use an equivalent contribution folder in the ERMS to replace the paper file. 

Requesting a paper file

While the University is working and studying remotely, access to records is by request. We can retrieve hard copy documents and files to support critical business activities.

If you require urgent access to paper documents or files, please submit your request to the Records email boxWe will aim to make the material available to you within a week of your request.

If you receive paper records

Most documentation is now digital but if you receive a hard-copy letter or other paperwork, you will need to scan it (300 dpi, greyscale, pdf) and check that all information is readable when you contribute it to the Electronic Records Management System. 

Hard-copy records can be disposed of in a secure recycling bin or by shredding immediately after you have:

  • checked to ensure that all the information has been captured
  • uploaded the digitised documents into a relevant ERMS folder.

Advice is provided on the scanning and disposal of paper records in process guide 2 and process guide 10.


Original contracts are considered vital records as they document the University's legal obligations in relation to various projects, intellectual property rights and property ownership.

The process involved in developing, negotiating and agreeing to the terms of the contract should be documented in the Electronic Records Management System. Advice is provided in process guide 9 (PDF, 3.46 MB).

Once the contract or agreement has been finalised and signed, scan it into the ERMS and send the original to University Records who will create a safe envelope for secure storage.

Returning a paper file

When you have finished with a paper file return it for storage, via the internal mail, to University Records, Chancelry Building 10A. If the file contains personal information place it in a sealed envelope to protect peoples' privacy.