Project management

Information on projects currently being conducted at ANU and using the project management framework.


Project Business owner

Technical Workshops

Multiple Research Schools at the University operate independent technical workshops. The workshop...

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ANU College of Science

Transition to Accrual Based Payroll

The Transition to Accrual Based Payroll project was deployed to production and the system is now...

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Human Resources Division

Travel Approval

The new Travel Approval Process has been released for University-wide use. Delivering improved...

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Finance & Business Services

Travel Auto Approval

What are we trying to achieve? The Travel Auto Approval project aims to reduce the number of...

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Finance & Business Services

Waste contract

A new waste and recycling contract was implemented in 2016.  The service will manage most major...

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Facilities & Services Division

Website Services Review

There has been a comprehensive review of the University's website services conducted over the last...

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Marketing & Student Recruitment Division


The Workspace Program aims to provide a contemporary computing environment, including end user...

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Information Technology Services