What are we trying to achieve?

The challenging financial environment and increased international competition require innovative approaches to ensure ANU remains a recognised leader in world-class research.

The Research Information Management System Program (RIMS Program) will transform how the University supports and enables our researchers to conduct world-class research. It will be researcher-centric, remove administration and barriers to conducting research, and is a key tool to enable delivery high quality research support services to our researchers.

How will it improve our services?

RIMS will be your right hand in research. The objectives of the RIMS Program are to:

  • Improve research support services for researchers.
  • Provide a single place where research information is captured once and easily accessible for reuse (e.g. funding applications, ethics protocols, research projects, publications, etc.).
  • Streamline research support processes to enable high quality, consistent and focused services to researchers.
  • Increase the visibility of our researchers and our research activities both internally and externally.

Implement a system that meets the university’s research management data needs, as well as being trusted for security, information privacy and ethical data management practices.

What's involved?

The RIMS Program seeks to review and improve the research management processes, systems and professional support service model.

The RIMS team will be working in collaboration with the research community to review the following research support services (see the RIMS Stream of Work [hyperlink to https://services.anu.edu.au/files/guidance/RIMS_Stream%20of%20Work%20Overview.pdf]).

  • Ethics (including ethics protocols submission and reviews)
  • Planning and managing research projects (including project proposal, submitting of funding application, project planning etc.)
  • Publications and promotion (including disseminating research outputs and generating publicity.)
  • Industry, government agencies and community engagement.
  • Compliance with legislation and audit requirements.

To support this change, we will be implementing a new system. You will have access to this online system, providing you with a single point of access for all your research management and administration support needs. 

So what does this mean for you? Whether you are a researcher, HDR students or a professional staff member, this change will seek to reduce your research administrative burden. Your research management data will be easily captured and reusable and the new system will enable the automation of many administrative activities.

How can I contribute?

The research community is encouraged to contribute to the design and implementation of the RIMS Program. Reference groups are being created to examine current issues, provide suggestions for improvement and contribute to the design of the new processes and system.

The first reference group, comprised of researchers across multiple disciplines and ethics committee members and chairs, is examining the current ethics processes and systems.

If you would like to be involved, please contact RIMS@anu.edu.au.

For more information, visit the RIMS webpage.

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