Rainwater capture and storage

ANU has gradually rolled out rainwater tanks across campus to reduce the use of town water.

Since the first tank was installed underground at the Vice Chancellor's residence in 2008, the University has installed 14 water tanks with a combined storage capacity of nearly 15 million litres.

Water from the tanks is used to irrigate the landscape, flushing toilets and for cleaning glasshouses and research facilities at the Research School of Biology.

The Colleges of Science uses filtered rainwater in research labs. Filtered rainwater is better than tap water because it doesn't require the removal of mineral additives such as fluoride and chlorine.

Buildings with rainwater tanks include the John Curtin School Medical Research, Hedley Bull, JG Crawford, College of Business & Economics, Colleges of Science, Jaeger 8, Laurus Wing and the Frank Fenner Building.


Storage capacity

More than 15 million litres of water is saved annually.

Substitute for potable water

Reusing rainwater substantially reduces the University's demand on Canberra's town water supply.