Purchase Card Solution

What are we trying to achieve?

Concur is a digital expense management system that streamlines manual purchase card acquittal and approval processes. ANU will be implementing Concur for all purchase card transactions, reimbursements and cash advances for staff, students and Visiting and Honorary Appointments (VaHAs). The switch to Concur reduces the administrative burden on staff, while facilitating enhanced functionality to support all purchase card holders and their supervisors.

How will it improve our services?

Concur reduces duplication of effort and provides extensive digital support features to enhance the user experience of every ANU purchase card holder and approver. Among these features, the new expense management system will include:

  • Mobility
    • Expense claims and approvals can be submitted on the go in the Concur desktop or mobile app
  • Automated, paperless expense system
    • Use apps for invoice scanning, review and approval
    • Automatic data population from receipt photos by Concur
    • Simple drop-down menus for usability (‘frequently used’)
  • Reduced administrative burden and quicker submit-to-pay cycle time
    • Invoices not required for expenses below $82.50
    • e.g. Twitter reduced their cycle from 26 days to 9.5 days
  • Removal of process duplication and manual data entry
  • Built-in business rules to help prevent error and fraud

The University is also updating and consolidating its relevant finance and information technology policies and procedures as it transitions to Concur. This will provide consistency and clarity across the appropriate reporting and processes.

What's involved?

Concur will be launched for purchase cards by the last week of May, to be followed by reimbursements and cash advances by quarter 3 2017.




Q4 2016

Planning and design

Q1 2017

Configure and test

Q2 2017

Deploy Phase 1: Concur expense system for purchase cards

Last week May 2017

Deploy Phase 2: Concur for reimbursements

Q3 2017

Deploy Phase 3: Concur for cash advances, students and VaHAs

Q3 2017

Communications and Training

The University has planned an extensive communications and training plan to facilitate education, useability and uptake of Concur. Users can expect to receive detailed communications regarding the project directly from end Mach. Training will be delivered online, face-to-face and at drop-in sessions around campus. A short summary of the communications and training plan is downloadable from the ‘Project Documents’ box on this page. Enquiries into communications and training can be made to the project’s Communications and Training Manager at project.concur@anu.edu.au 

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