Extension and Withdrawal of Parking Infringements Project

This project has been completed. Please refer to the Parking Infringements webpage for all information and support for this service.

In partnership with Facilities and Services, the Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre is developing an eForm solution to facilitate the process of applying for an extension of time to pay or withdrawal of a parking infringement notice.

What are we trying to achieve?

The Extension and Withdrawal of Parking Infringement eForm will streamline, simplify, standardise and digitalise the current paper-based process for Staff, Students and campus visitors.

The current process requires the user to complete a manual form, submit via email, post or in person to the Parking Office and request updates via email or telephone. The Parking Office staff manually enter the infringement data, process flow and final decision into a spreadsheet.

The Project aims to address this manual process by providing an online tool to the user, as well as a streamlined approach to process these applications and provide a reporting tool.

Delivering improved services

The Extension and Withdrawal of Parking Infringement eForm will:

  • digitalise and replace the current manual application forms for extension to pay or withdrawal of infringement
  • reduce the time spent completing manual application forms
  • send an email notification to the user and Parking Office
  • reduce manual data entry of the Parking Office staff who capture all parking infringements, applications for withdrawal, applications for extension of time to pay
  • increase reporting functionality by providing an automatic reporting tool within the eForm to the Parking Office staff;
  • enhance user experience by providing an online tool to apply for an extension to pay or a withdrawal, with an email notification to confirm application has been submitted.

What is involved?

The project will be undertaken in a phased approach, with additional user- and reporting functionality added in subsequent releases. The final release will deliver  full integration with the Parking Infringement Management System (PIMS).

The first phase of this solution will focus on the digitalisation of the applications for extension of time to pay and withdrawal, with the added functionality of a reporting tool for the Parking Office as well as email notifications.

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