Development of a new facility for the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

New state-of-the-art building for ANU Research School of Social Sciences

The Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS) is currently spread across 10 different buildings on the University campus. To bring RSSS together into one physical space, the University plans to build a new collaborative and multidisciplinary research and education environment on the site where the Pauline Griffin Building currently sits.

This six storey building – due for completion by the end of 2019 – will enable the RSSS community to continue to find creative solutions to Australia’s current and future social, political and economic challenges.

The new RSSS building will feature around 12,000m² of space, consisting of quality office space as well as dedicated learning and public forum areas, seminar and lecture rooms and an auditorium.

It has been designed as a ‘building in the park,’ utilising materials such as timber, glass and concrete to exude a timeless quality while being able to adapt to future workplace, teaching and learning advancements.

Pauline Griffin Building

The Pauline Griffin Building site is located at the heart of several campus connections. However, the condition of the building makes it unsuitable for redevelopment, with respect to its overall size, structural configuration and the capacity for alteration.

The University proposes to remove the Pauline Griffin Building to make way for the new home for RSSS. ANU is strongly committed to meeting its heritage obligations and has undertaken a series of measures to ensure the social, architectural and historical heritage values of the Pauline Griffin Building are conserved.

The Department of Environment & Energy (Heritage) provided an approval in May 2017 to proceed with the removal of the Pauline Griffin Building. ANU lodged an application for Works Approval with the National Capital Authority (NCA) in June 2017.