Data Integration

The Data Integration project was initiated to integrate the University's complex IT systems to make critical business information more accessible.

What are we trying to achieve?

The Data Integration project supports the University's strategic plan to work efficiently by delivering a service-oriented solution that will reduce the need for manual intervention and workarounds from using standalone, isolated systems. By providing this infrastructure, ANU will be able to reduce cost and complexity in connecting, mediating and managing interactions among heterogeneous IT systems.

How will it improve our services?

This project will standardise data integration and deliver the following key benefits:

  • improve service outcomes and responsiveness to customer needs by reducing manual data-entry from one system to another
  • reduce problems due to inconsistent data and fragmented business processing
  • reduce costs associated with implementing new systems and processes through reuse of existing data
  • improve process speed and flexibility by ensuring that data is available in real-time
  • reduce development and integration costs, as well as costs associated with storing and managing redundant data.

What's involved?

The first phase of the project will involve defining the current state and serve as the starting point to implement the project. In this first phase, the project aims to:

  • investigate the problems and pain points of using and managing disparate systems applications and databases
  • understand and define stakeholder needs and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to project outcomes
  • quantify cost associated with managing and using unintegrated, disparate systems within the University.

Highlight news

20 Jan 2017

Phase 2 of the Data Integration Project is now underway »

The first set of integrations to upgrade the University’s lecture recording system (Echo 360 Active Learning Platform) have been developed by the...
11 Nov 2016

Phase 1 of the Data Integration project now complete »

The project team has completed installing the integration platform comprising of over 29 servers in development, user acceptance and production/...
14 Sep 2016

Installation of the integration platform has commenced »

The Data Integration project is progressing with the installation of the integration platform underway and delivery of the infrastructure scheduled...
11 Jul 2016

IBM selected to provide the integration platform for the ANU »

The Data Integration project is pleased to announce that IBM was selected to supply the University’s application integration platform. The decision...
16 Jun 2016

Data Integration evaluation process and first integration project »

The Data Integration project was initiated to support the integration of ANU enterprise and business systems. In late 2015, the project began...
8 Feb 2016

Data integration solution »

In 2015 an Expression of Interest (EOI) was released to gain a better understanding of the market and evaluate a broad set of integration solutions....
14 Sep 2015

Evaluation of data integration EOI underway »

The Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Data Integration project closed on Friday, 11 September. Market response on the EOI was positive and...
31 Aug 2015

Data Integration EOI update »

The Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Data Integration project was published in The Canberra Times and The Australian on Saturday, 22 August 2015...
18 Aug 2015

EOI to be released for data integration »

EOI to be released for data integration The Data Integration Business Case has been endorsed by the Steering Committee and will be submitted for...
21 Jul 2015

Next steps for data integration »

The data integration project business case has been endorsed pending final refinements. The next step for the project team is to get a better...
22 Jun 2015

A business case for integrating data »

The Data Integration Business Case was presented at the June Project Steering Committee meeting. The document outlines a proposal of work aimed to...
26 May 2015

Learning from data integration experiences in Higher Education »

Phase 1 of the Data Integration project is to develop a strong and robust business case. In this phase, the project aims to understand the current...
11 May 2015

How ANU will integrate data in the future »

Earlier this year the Data Integration project began mapping integrations between ANU enterprise applications. The exercise revealed a number of...
30 Apr 2015

Case studies for integrating data »

The development of the Data Integration Business Case is continuing. The project is working through a number of case studies that highlight the value...
8 Dec 2014

Data Integration consultation sessions underway »

As part of the Data Integration project, a series of consultation meetings will be held over the next two months. During this time, key stakeholders...
11 Oct 2016

Integration platform installed in development environment »

The Data Integration project team have completed the installation of the integration platform in the development environment. Highlights of other...