Computer Science/Mathematical Sciences Institute - Building 145

The current design is a six level building with approximately 10,000 square metres. The Development Application has now been approved by the National Capital Authority. The external Project Manager, Hindmarsh Construction Australia, have almost completed the demolition of the existing buildings and the footings for the new building are complete.  Work on the new ground floor slab will be commencing in the new year.

Milestone dates within the program.

Task Name Finish
Complete infrastructure works Thursday 06/02/16
Main Structure Complete Friday 07/05/17
Building watertight Monday 06/11/17
Internal Services & Finishes Complete Thursday 10/04/18
External Works Complete Tuesday 06/02/18
Practical Completion (Net) Thursday 10/05/18
Project Complete (Gross) Thursday 31/05/18

Please be aware of an increase in construction vehicle traffic that will be supplying materials and servicing the site.