Beyond SELT

A project is underway to develop a new framework for course evaluations and associated management information services supporting teaching and learning enhancement at ANU. This includes a review of Student Experience of Learning & Teaching (SELT) survey instruments and processes.

Broadly, the project will phase the development of a number of framework elements including policies and procedures, feedback instruments/processes/systems, associated management information and analytical services, and organisational change.

A number of tasks are already complete or underway including sector benchmarking and literature review case studies to evaluate current practice, formal governance structures, and project management practices to direct work and minimise risks. Future work will include best practice development approaches to survey and other feedback processes including:

  • independent psychometric testing of instruments,
  • policy review and development,
  • strong consultation with internal stakeholders,  
  • business analysis,
  • systems technical development, and
  • user support (to support management information and analytical services functions), with a proper regard for change including strong and transparent communication strategies with stakeholders.


Technical paper 2: Feedback Topic Paper January 2018