ANU Web Transformation

The ANU Web Transformation Project (previously ANU Gateway) will consolidate service division web content into an efficient and effective web environment and will deliver a consistent experience for both website audiences and website managers.

What are we trying to achieve?

This Project aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ANU Gateway websites, by:

  • ensuring the server infrastructure is optimised to improve speed and security of the websites
  • moving to a single Drupal CMS to provide efficient creation and administration of websites
  • providing web services to make it easy for business areas to manage their website in a supported Drupal CMS environment
  • creating a common architecture and navigation that provides a consistent user experience and meaningful search results
  • tracking and reporting website traffic statistics and trends to make informed decisions regarding University marketing and communications activity.

What's involved?

The Project involves establishing the web environment and consolidating and migrating selected content from current ANU websites. Content owners, audiences and other stakeholders will be consulted to determine requirements and provide feedback on deliverables.

Highlight news

11 Nov 2016

Enhancements to current students webpages launched »

As part of the Web Transformation Project, an update to the Current students section of the Gateway website has been launched. This enhancement...
28 Oct 2016

Updated Current students section »

As part of the Web Transformation Project, an update to the Current students section of the Gateway website was launched on 27 October 2016. This...
9 May 2016

New student accommodation web presence »

As part of the Web Transformation Project, a consolidated student accommodation web presence was launched in the Gateway websites on 5 May. This...
11 Apr 2016

New websites released and transition to Student Experience content »

The ANU Web Transformation project is progressing with the completion of the Scholarly Information Services and student accommodation websites. The...
9 Feb 2016

New Library website launched »

As part of release three of the ANU Web Transformation Project, the Marketing Office web team, in collaboration with Library staff, launched the new...
24 Nov 2015

Web transformation - SIS & residences visual design phase close to completion »

The visual design phase for SIS and residences websites is almost complete. In this phase the project team has designed navigations, databases and...
12 Oct 2015

Web transformation - SIS & residences design phase underway »

After completing research and requirement gathering, Release 3 of the Web Transformation project has reached the functional design and build phase....
1 Sep 2015

New name for ANU Gateway project and release 3 underway »

The ANU Gateway Project has been renamed to ANU Web Transformation to reflect the evolving nature of the project. ANU Gateway and ANU Services...
18 Aug 2015

Over 135,000 pageviews in new Services website »

The new Services website has received over 135,000 pageviews since the release on 27 July 2015. Some of the most visited pages include Information...
3 Aug 2015

New Services website released »

On 29 July 2015, the new ANU Services website was released, replacing the staff homepage. The project is the culmination of more than six months'...
New Services Website
7 Jul 2015

New ANU Services website to be released end of July »

Replacing the current Staff homepage, the new ANU Services website will reduce the amount of systems, effort and time involved in publishing content...
11 May 2015

Migration into Services site begins for Gateway Release 2 »

The new website, due for release in July, will be named 'Services' and bring together a range of Service Division content into one website. The...
19 Mar 2015

Get involved in ANU Gateway Release 2 »

Release 2 of the ANU Gateway Project is well underway and about to embark on a round of audience testing. On Friday 20 March, 1,000 randomly selected...
14 Jan 2015

Release 2 of ANU Gateway gets underway »

Release two of the ANU Gateway Project has commenced. The Project team have been busily meeting with key stakeholders to start the analysis stage of...
8 Dec 2014

New ANU Gateway launched »

Release 1 of the ANU Gateway project was launched on 26 November, consolidating  gateway web content into an efficient and effective web environment...
10 Nov 2014

New ANU homepage and gateway nearly here »

The ANU Gateway project is on schedule to release the new homepage and gateway site on 26 November. As part of the release, old webpages will be...
27 Oct 2014

Gateway migration and release »

The ANU Gateway project is in the midst of migrating content and team members have started approaching areas to review content already migrated. As...
25 Sep 2014

Help improve the ANU website »

As part of the ANU Gateway project, feedback in being sought on the design of the new homepage to be released in November this year. To participate,...
15 Sep 2014

Attend an ANU Gateway information session »

A new ANU homepage will be released in November this year as part of the ANU Gateway Project. If you'd like to find out more about the project,...
31 Aug 2014

ANU Gateway build and migration progresses »

The ANU Gateway project has completed the initial requirements gathering phase of the project. This has involved a range of activity including: 28...
13 Aug 2014

Enhancing ANU gateway websites »

The ANU Gateway project aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of gateway content by creating a web environment that delivers a consistent...