ANU Insight

ANU Insight is a reporting portal providing a single location for self service management and business reporting across the University's suite of enterprise systems.

What will be the benefits?

All ANU staff will have improved access to reports relevant to their business. Reports will be provide the latest information with more consistency. Access will be through a single portal providing improved access to integrated data across the University's suite of enterprise systems.

What's involved?

Data from the enterprise systems is progressively being integrated into the system over the next 2 to 3 years. New reports covering new areas of business will continue to be delivered on a regular basis including:

Student Analytics reporting

The Student Analytics reporting project aims to provide staff with secure access to a standard suite of summary and transactional reports based on student data in a phased roll out. In the first phase, some basic reports based on EFTSL have been introduced.

Travel reporting project

The purpose of the travel reporting project is to enable reporting on data extracted from travel requests entered into the new travel approval system, which will result in reduced time and effort in collating and compiling data as well as an increased visibility of proposed travel expenses.

Work Health and Safety Reporting

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Reporting project includes the development and delivery of a set of dashboards and reports based on key WHS-related measures and statistics for managing and enhancing the University's work environment.

CI Financials Exception Report

The CI Financials Exception Report aims to provide its users with a set of highly customisable report set which will assist users in identifying data quality issues in the chief investigator financial data.

CI Financials Dashboard

The CI Financials Dashboard aims to provide finance managers with high level summaries of chief investigator financial data using a set of tables and graphs.

Highlight news

20 Jan 2017

Performance & Development Review (PDR) reporting via ANU Insight »

The Performance Development Review (PDR) reports are a suite of dashboards and detailed reports which leaders and Human Resource (HR) teams can...
7 Mar 2016

New HR eForms reporting in ANU Insight »

Human Resources in collaboration with Planning & Performance Measurement have developed a suite of reports based on the data entered into the...
9 Feb 2016

HR Business Transformation eForm reporting »

Human Resources in collaboration with Planning & Performance Measurement are in the process of deploying a new suite of reports which will allow...
11 May 2015

Publication validation reporting »

ANU is currently completing the 2014 publication return for the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC). Research Services in conjunction...
11 May 2015

New Work, Health & Safety reporting now available »

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) reporting is now live and available through ANU Insight. The WHS reporting suite consists of a set of online reports...
14 Apr 2015

Chief Investigator Financial Dashboards now available »

The Chief Investigator Financial Dashboard and Chief Investigator Financial Exception Dashboard have now been released and made available through ANU...
17 Mar 2015

Chief Investigator Financial Exception Report now available »

Following the release of Stage 1 of the Chief Investigator Financial Reporting (CIFR) project, Planning and Performance Measurement (PPM) has made...
30 Jan 2015

New ANU Insight reports coming soon »

ANU Insight aims to provide a single location for self service management and business reporting across the University's suite of enterprise systems...
10 Nov 2014

ANU Insight program of work »

Current projects to be delivered during the next month, as part of the ANU Insight program of work, are Student Analytics, Migration Research...
6 Jul 2015

Statement of Academic Activity live in ANU Insight »

The Statement of Academic Activity (SAA) is one of many tools designed to facilitate and recognise the achievements of our most important resource,...