ANU College of Law Refurbishment - Building 5/6/7

The ANU College of Law currently occupies a collection of joined buildings set around the Law Courtyard. The Entrance to the College and Administration area was refurbished in 2015. In the coming years to 2019 the College of Law buildings will be progressively refurbished. This will allow the College to consolidate its specialist research centres and ensure that staff and students are accommodated in contemporary research and learning environments.

Early works

The following early works are complete and can be viewed on site:

  • Bike racks
  • Site and construction fencing around Building 6
  • Temporary circulation and signage
  • Decanting of affected building occupants to temporary accommodation

Demolition and building works

  • Building works and demolition commenced 7 November
  • The one storey section of Building 6 on Fellows Road has been demolished
  • Building 6 has been stripped internally. Demolition and existing structural investigation works are in progress.

A number of services diversions and temporary installations have taken place in preparation for the project to ensure that business as usual is maintained for Buildings 5 and 7 and neighbouring areas.

Minor and preparatory works will continue to progress from December 22 – January 8.

The main construction works will commence from 15 January.

Overall the project is tracking on programme and budget.