ANU Carshare Project

This project has been completed. Please refer to the CarShare webpage for all information and support for this service.

What are we trying to achieve?

The ANU Carshare scheme aims to improve the management and utilisation of ANU pool vehicles through an externally managed service. 

Pool vehicles are currently procured, managed, utilised and disposed of by individual Colleges and Service Divisions. Analysis of the distribution and utilisation of pool vehicle indicated that a significant percentage of these vehicles are underutilised, especially outside of core business hours.

Delivering improved services

ANU Carshare will:

  • allow users to select a fit-for-purpose vehicle from a range of vehicles (i.e. small, medium, large or mini bus);
  • reduce the number of vehicle in the University's fleet which in turn will free up a number of carparks and contribute to our sustainable transport targets;
  • allow for easy and convenient booking through a Web Booking Tool;
  • provide access to pool vehicles to both University staff and students who currently do not have access to the University's fleet of pool vehicles;
  • allow standardisation in the fleet;
  • reduce the administration overhead associated with the management of the current fleet; and
  • minimise under-utilisation of pool vehicle fleet by allowing after hours usage for private purposes for staff and students.

What it means for staff

Registrations and bookings are now available for University staff and HDR students.

Simply go to the website, click on the Register/Login button and you will be redirected to the registration form, or online booking tool.

The ANU carshare webpage holds helpful information such as links to;

  • ANU Carshare Policy;
  • ANU Carshare Procedure;
  • frequently asked questions;
  • rates and fees; and
  • location for setting up your University ID card.

Support and assistance

GreenShareCar have a 24/7 call centre to assist staff and students

Phone: 1300 575 878



Alternatively you can contact the ANU Carshare project team on

Phone:02 6125 7051


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