ANU Acton Campus Master Plan

Be a part of the process. Share your ideas and comments by visiting us at the Master Plan Hub.

Planning for the University's future

ANU will spend 2018 focusing on its future by developing a refreshed Master Plan for its Acton campus. Aligning with the ANU Strategic Plan 2021, while also looking further forward to 2038, the ANU Acton Master Plan will deliver a clear plan to deliver excellence across the campus’ built environment.

The Master Plan will provide a framework to guide spatial decision making across the campus, with a focus on improving the University’s physical assets and campus experience. An integrated design team, led by global built environment consultancy Arup, will work with the ANU community during 2018 to develop the ANU Acton Master Plan.

ANU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brian Schmidt, has challenged the Master Plan team and the campus community to ‘think big’ when it comes to the campus’ future. This big thinking includes addressing the global challenges of digital disruption, energy generation and consumption, urbanisation and transportation. The changing face of academia and the future needs of students and academics will also be explored during the master planning process. Energy and heritage will be specific areas of study during the process, with an Energy Master Plan and Heritage Master Plan key outputs of the master planning process.

Seven design principles

The Master Plan includes seven key design principles that have been established to guide the work. The principles are founded on engagement with the campus community and will assist ANU to achieve its Master Plan vision.

Get involved

We're keen to hear from students, academics, staff and anyone else who visits the ANU campus.

Visit the Master Plan Hub

Come and visit the Master Plan team in the Pop-Up Project Hub in the Pop-Up Village (space previously occupied by the Co-op book shop). Come and visit the team to ask any questions you have between 9am and 5pm on the following dates, as well as view plans and other materials:

  • Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 October
  • Monday 29 to Wednesday 31 October
  • Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 November
  • Monday 19 to Wednesday 21 November.

Jump online

The CollabMap is a mapping application that collects comments on specific locations within the campus. Comments have now closed, but you can still view the map and the comments provided. All the comments will help to inform the Master Plan.