Admissions, Scholarship and Accommodation (ASA)

The Admissions, Scholarships and Accommodation (ASA) project will deliver an integrated, ANU-branded admissions process that will enable the University to make offers to a more diverse range of prospective students, provide a more meaningful way of early engagement with applicants and streamline processes. Prospective students will have the ability to apply for admission, scholarships and accommodation, using pre ATAR, equity and a points-based co-curriculum schedule. The project’s initial scope will provide these services to domestic undergraduate students, with the University to consider application to other student cohorts in future developments.

Why are we doing this?

The objectives of the ASA project include:

  • Establishing an ANU branded and integrated admissions, scholarships and accommodation model;
  • Packaged outcomes to applicants, which may include an offer of admission, scholarship and/or accommodation, subject to eligibility, much earlier in the year;
  • Increasing the  diversity of students within the University, with a predominant focus on matching financial support to need;
  • Providing a more meaningful form of early engagement with prospective students;
  • Streamlining current processes, resulting in greater process efficiencies; and
  • Supporting the strategic initiatives outlined in the ANU Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

What is involved?

The ASA project poses a fundamental shift away from the University’s former business processes and requirements. The project will enable the University to offer prospective students with conditional and non-conditional offers for admission, scholarship and accommodation, in advance of current timeframes and all through a single user interface.