SELT eForm Project


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What are we trying to achieve?

The SELT project will streamline, simplify, standardise and digitalise the current paper-based process to request a SELT survey. The project will deliver an eForm to Course Convenors that replaces the current paper-based application form.

This is a collaborative effort between various areas of the University including Planning & Performance Measurement, Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre, Information Technology Services and all Teaching Staff.

Delivering improved services

The new SELT eForm will:

  • digitalise the current manual survey request form
  • replace approximately 3,000 manual survey request forms per annum
  • streamline the business process.


This eForm will:

  • eliminate manual data entry
  • eliminate bottlenecks caused by manual data entry
  • reduce processing delays caused by poor data quality
  • eliminate mistakes made by manual data entry
  • increase accuracy of survey participant data
  • reduce time spent on processing SELT requests
  • reduce cost of processing SELT requests
  • increase reporting functionality.

What's involved?

It is anticipated that the first phase of this solution will enable the automatic generation and completion of SELT survey requests, delivered to all Course Convenors using Infiniti Software.

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12 Apr 2017

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16 Feb 2017

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