Post Implementation Review

A Post Implementation review is conducted after completing the project. Its activities aim to evaluate whether project objectives were met, how effectively the project was run, lessons for the future, and the actions required to maximise the benefits from the project outputs.

SDZ’s Program/Project Management – Implementation workspace can be used to document the lessons learned and benefits realisation during closure of your project as an alternative to the following templates.

Recommended documentation

Post Implementation Review

A Post Implementation Review documents whether the project outputs achieved the intended business outcomes and the expected benefits. It includes lesson learned, highlights successes and achievements, and any ongoing activities such as support, maintenance, or updates. 

Lessons Learned Log

Records events and activities that did not go to plan, or suggestions of how the project could have run more smoothly. The Lessons Learned Log is a helpful resource for future projects to avoid pitfalls and improve project performance.

Cost Benefit Analysis

The Cost Benefit Analysis is prepared during Initiate stage and needs to be reviewed during the Benefits realisation review. 

Download Cost Benefit Analysis (XLSX, 43.85 KB)


Steps to conduct a post implementation review of the project

  1. Conduct a post implementation review  
    Post Implementation Review activities include:

    • Consulting with the business owner area/s and key stakeholders to assess how well the project outputs achieved the intended business outcomes and the expected benefits and identifying if more needs to be done to maximise the realisation of the benefits from the project outputs.
    • Referring to the Project Plan, Benefit Management Plan and Cost Benefit Analysis spreadsheet to assess the final cost of the project, anticipated cost savings and level of attainment of the expected benefit.
    • Identifying all the ongoing and support activities required beyond the life of the project to fully realise the business benefits. These activities may include introducing new policies or procedures; training; or updates to websites and other information resources.

    The Project Manager will use this information to complete the Post Implementation Review document and provide recommendations of ongoing actions required to fully realise the benefits, deliver operational requirements such as training, and enable guidance for future projects based on lessons learned.

  2. Update the lessons learned 
    Review the Lessons Learned Log and update with any additional relevant lessons.

  3. Ongoing benefits realisation 
    The Project Sponsor and/or Project Board/Steering Committee needs to review the Post Implementation Review document and where appropriate, assign the recommendations to key stakeholders and the business owner to ensure the new system/service/facilities is fully adopted and benefits are realised.