Technology governance

The Technology Governance Framework set out in the Digital Master Plan consists of three committees that will ensure that digital, information and communication technology investments achieve the University's business objectives.

  • Digital and Data Strategy Committee (DDSC)
    • This committee is to oversee and approve the University-wide Digital Master Plan, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strategy and associated technology roadmap(s).
    • The members of the Committee will provide insight about strategic risks involving digital and technology, have an oversight on major digital and ICT initiatives while ensuring that technology at all times remains a competitive advantage for the University.
    • The DDSC is a subcommittee of the ANU Senior Management Group.
  • Technology Investment Committee
    • This committee is to discuss, approve and monitor technology investments, provide insight into investment risks and opportunities and act in a sponsorship role to ensure that the University implements initiatives that align with the Digital Master Plan aspirations and realises the benefits from the investment.
  • Solution Design Authority
    • This committee is to oversee and approve the technical solutions for enterprise initiatives and other technology introduced to the University environment. They ensure that the solutions adhere to overarching University-wide frameworks such as the Digital Master Plan, ICT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture principles and roadmaps.

Each approved initiative will be delivered in accordance with the University's Project Management Policy and will use StrategyDotZero (SDZ) for monitoring and status reporting.


Digital Master Plan (DMP)