People and culture

To effectively transform our digital environment, we will need to work and think differently than we do today. We will encourage a culture of performance and accountability, and for our people we will:

  • make digital literacy the cornerstone of our digital journey by uplifting
    • senior managements’ digital understanding to enable more informed decision making
    • students and staff understanding and knowledge of general systems (including cybersecurity) and specific ANU systems
    • our workforce on their ability to manage data as an asset.
  • use human-centred design as an approach to integrate with our students, academics, researchers, professional staff and our partners in our problem-solving, design and delivery processes.
  • make experience one of the primary measurable objectives in every initiative that we deliver. We will focus on user experience design across the entire user journey through the use of journey mapping.
  • adopt agile ways of working through an iterative approach to delivery. This means adopting new practices that leverage broader collaboration, direct communication, and connection across teams and throughout the University. We will embed scrums, stand-ups, sprints and retrospectives into how we operate and think.
  • bring a collective University view to our thinking and decision making to ensure that change is delivered in partnership with the whole of the University and is not diluted by individual priorities.

Image: Digital capabilities to work and think differently

Image: Digital capabilities to work and think differently (1. User experience, 2. Agile ways of working, 3. Move from project to product, 4. Human-centred design, 5. Governance, 6. Business change and adoption, 7. Digital literacy, 8. Automating and integrating).


Digital Master Plan (DMP)