Implementation approach

To deliver the Digital Master Plan we will need to work differently and think differently. The implementation approach is divided into three phases that build upon each other, and reflect significant periods on the implementation timeline.

Phase one

Stabilise and prepare

Stabilisation of our digital foundation is an essential step in our transformation.

Phase two


Transform the digital core and connect fragmented services.

Phase three


Evolve our services at pace, driven by our people.

The phased implementation approach will allow us to address the fragility of our current digital environment whilst we are planning and building out our transformation capabilities. Our implementation outcomes are clear:

  1. A stable digital foundation (people, process, information and technology)
  2. A personalised experience in which digital services are human-centred and co-designed with those who use them, they are easy, intuitive, seamless, tailored and anticipates the users needs.
  3. Connected environments in which:
    • digital complements and extends the physical campus experience
    • there are connected processes, connected systems, connected data and connected community through collaboration
  4. Data-driven insight and decision making through the connection of data silos and the nurture of quality information assets.

Our new Technology Governance Framework (SharePoint page - internal ANU access only) will ensure we optimise delivery of the Plan with ongoing testing of the value of initiatives against the vision of the Plan, the strategic outcomes of the University, and the budget options that are available in each time period.

Here are the proposed initiatives and current projects (SharePoint page - internal ANU access only) monitored through the Technology Investment Committee which is responsible for approving all enterprise wide digital projects including the Digital Master Plan.


Digital Master Plan (DMP)