Applications and data

About the Application and Data Roadmap

The Application and Data Roadmap (SharePoint page - internal ANU access only) is a key component of the Digital Master Plan. It represents the digital capabilities and initiatives we need to transform as a University and enables long term planning.

Digital initiatives are prioritised through the ANU Technology Governance Framework (SharePoint page - internal ANU access only) with the roadmap serving as a guide that will evolve over time as our digital needs and understanding change.

The Application and Data Roadmap focuses on:

  • strategically investing in technology enabled business initiatives
  • creating empowered and digitally literate people
  • investing in process and capability, not just applications
  • improving our data and using it to drive decision making information
  • providing intuitive, flexible, integrated and modernised technologies

Enterprise Architecture Guiding Principles

The Enterprise Architecture Guiding Principles have been established to ensure that any proposed digital solution has clear alignment to the technology architecture of the University. Key principles include putting our community at the centre, actively managing data, ensuring the security and privacy of information, cost effectiveness, simplification and automation.


Digital Master Plan (DMP)