ANU IT Strategy 2015-17

Published 2015

The vision for information technology at ANU

The Australian National University (ANU) has developed an institution-wide strategy that focuses on continuing and enhancing the tradition of excellence across the institution. That strategy, ANU by 2020, confirms our commitment to research, education and public policy. The ANU Information Technology Strategy outlines how technology can be used to enable each of these strategic goals to make Australia's national university also Australia's finest university.

Our vision for information technology is to create digital environments which are built on solid foundations and enduring relationships. This combination should drive productivity, creativity and discovery, enabling all at ANU to make a difference.


We aim to support and enhance the University and enable its strategic objectives by:

  • delivering effective and fit-for-purpose IT solutions and services that leverage our significant investment in technology;

  • renewing, consolidating, simplifying and integrating strategy, people and process with technology;

  • promoting a sustainable and efficient IT service delivery;

  • creating an environment that fosters working collectively, and sharing of insights, expertise and solutions; and

  • providing technology and services that supports choice and rapid discovery through experimentation and innovation

Our success will be measured by how well we support the goals and operation of the University. Specifically we will look to:

  • improve the level of technology support across the research lifecycle;

  • create a technology environment that enriches the learning experience and enables discovery and innovation;

  • enhance and personalise the ANU experience for students, staff and alumni;

  • support continued leadership in public policy at a regional, national and international level;

  • effectively leverage the collective capability of ANU IT regardless of where that capability resides; and

  • provide technology services that are up to date and that capitalise on emerging technology trends.