Bench marking

Planning and Service Performance (PSP) produce bespoke benchmarking data on request for internal executive and management decision making.

The data sets used to produce these data are:

  • The Department of Education Datamart

    These data have the de-identified Staff and Student government submissions for all Table A and Table B Universities in Australia.

    Data available for Students and Staff are 2012-2017.

  • The Group of Eight (Go8) Data Sharing Network (DSN)

    The Go8 Universities have signed a DSN agreement to provide their de-identified Staff and Student government submissions to Monash University on an annual basis. Monash University collate the Go8 data into a pivot table for internal analysis.

    Data available for Students are 2013-2017 and 2013-2018 for Staff.

These data are confidential to University staff and can only be used in accordance with the Datamart and Go8 DSN protocols and for the purposes for which the information is disclosed.