Science & Medical Delegated Ethics Review Committee

NOTE: As of 14 April 2020, all human ethics committees are working hard to keep to our normal schedule of review according to the submission dates below. Please note that priority will continue to be given to applications and variations that:

  1. Are required for research directly related to COVID, or
  2. Are essential variations to existing protocols that will minimise risk/distress to participants.

In order for these priority submissions to be actioned appropriately, please email to alert the Ethics Team ahead of submission, and include “Priority Submission” in the subject line.

The Science & Medical Delegated Ethics Review Committee reviews Science and Medical applications.

After you have submitted your application online in ARIES, an email will be sent to you outlining what you need to do next. Expedited applications should be printed (with all supporting documents), signed by the researcher and supervisor of the project then sent as a single PDF to Human Ethics Officer or a hard copy delivered prior to the submission deadline. Applications will not be accepted without all of the required signatures. E1 applications can be submitted at any time as only the Chairperson will review.

E2 Submission Deadlines

2020 Meeting No.

Deadlines for Applications

Meeting Date

Meeting 1 Tuesday 14 January Wednesday 22 January
Meeting 2 Tuesday 28 January Wednesday 5 February
Meeting 3 Tuesday 11 February Wednesday 19 February
Meeting 4 Tuesday 25 February Wednesday 4 March
Meeting 5 Tuesday 10  March Wednesday 18 March
Meeting 6 Tuesday 24 March Wednesday 1 April
Meeting 7 Tuesday 7 April Wednesday 15 April
Meeting 8 Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 29 April
Meeting 9 Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 13 May
Meeting 10 Tuesday 19 May Wednesday 27 May
Meeting 11 Tuesday 2 June Wednesday 10 June
Meeting 12 Tuesday 16 June Wednesday 24 June
Meeting 13 Tuesday 30 June Wednesday 8 July
Meeting 14 Tuesday 14 July Wednesday 22 July
Meeting 15 Tuesday 28 July Wednesday 5 August
Meeting 16 Tuesday 11 August Wednesday 19 August
Meeting 17 Tuesday 25 August Wednesday 2 September
Meeting 18 Tuesday 8 September Wednesday 16 September
Meeting 19 Tuesday 22 September Wednesday 30 September
Meeting 20 Tuesday 6 October Wednesday 14 October
Meeting 21 Tuesday 20 October Wednesday 28 October
Meeting 22 Tuesday 3 November Wednesday 11 November
Meeting 23 Tuesday 17 November Wednesday 25 November
Meeting 24 Tuesday 1 December Wednesday 9 December



  • Professor Richard O'Kearney (CHM, Research School of Psychology)
  • Dr Michelle Banfield (CHM, Research School of Population Health)


  • Dr Alison Calear (CHM, Centre for Mental Health Research)
  • Dr Lucy Coupland (CHM, John Curtin School of Medical Research)
  • Dr Amee George (CHM, John Curtin School of Medical Research)
  • Dr Bradley Jack (CHM, Research School of Psychology)
  • Dr Grace Joshy (CMBE, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health)
  • Dr Rod Lamberts (CoS, Centre for the Public Awareness of Science)
  • Mrs Helene Rushby (CHM, Research Management)
  • Dr Dipti Talaulikar (Visiting Fellow, Department of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics)
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