Library Branch Managers Committee

Terms of reference

The Library Branch Managers Committee will be responsible for operational coordination and developments to ensure that the University Library provides effective and efficient services to support teaching and research and support the Universitys goals, including those relating to community and international engagement.

The Committee will:

  1. Provide operational leadership including keeping up to date with developments in the university library sector
  2. Consult on plans and procedures to assist the University to better use its information resources, collections and services (including Research and Information training) to meet the needs of users
  3. Ensure implementation of the Library operational plan
  4. Receive reports from the coordination committees - Circulation, Collection Managers, Reference Services, Technical Services and Research and Information Literacy
  5. Provide advice to the Library Executive and the University Librarian.


Frequency: monthly

Draft agenda for meetings

  1. Any matters from the previous meeting
  2. Reports:
    1. University Librarian
  3. Key issues:
    1. Budget/finance
    2. Service issues
    3. Other issues
    4. HR issues
  4. Coordination committees (depending upon which have met recently)
    1. Circulation
    2. Collection Managers
    3. Reference Services
    4. Technical Services and Research
    5. Information Literacy


  • University Librarian
  • Associate Director, Information Services
  • Manager, Library User Services
  • Manager, Law Branch Library
  • Manager, Hancock Branch Library
  • Manager, Art & Music Branch Library
  • Manager, Menzies Branch Library
  • Manager, Chifley Branch Library