Asia Pacific & Business Delegated Ethics Review Committee

Updated February 2022

The Asia Pacific Delegated Ethics Review Committee (DERC) reviews low and medium-risk applications primarily from the College of Asia & the Pacific. They usually meet on every other Thursday. Application submissions are due the Monday the week before the meeting. 

After you have submitted your application online in ARIES, an email will be sent to you outlining what you need to do next. Expedited applications should be printed (with all supporting documents), signed by the researcher and supervisor of the project then sent as a single PDF to Human Ethics Officer or a hard copy delivered prior to the submission deadline. Applications will not be accepted without all of the required signatures. E1 applications can be submitted at any time as only the chair will review. 



  • Prof Susanna Ho (CBE, School of Accounting & Business Information Systems)
  • Dr Katrin Travouillon (CAP, Department of Political and Social Change)


  • Dr Babita Bhatt (CBE, Research School of Management)
  • Dr Kailing Shen (CBE, Research School of Economics)
  • Associate Professor Guihyun Park (CBE, Research School of Management)
  • Dr Aaron Bruhn (Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies & Statistics)
  • Dipika Adhikari (Crawford School of Public Policy)
  • Dr Grant Walton (Crawford School of Public Policy)
  • Professor Alan Gamlen (School of Regulation and Global Governance)
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