Travel Auto Approval

What are we trying to achieve?

The Travel Auto Approval project aims to reduce the number of travel requests that have to be manually approved by Supervisors and Delegates.

Current policy requires the traveller to submit a travel request which is assessed and approved by the Supervisor and Delegate. By applying predetermined business rules to all domestic travel requests, a portion of these will be identified as low risk and as a result will be automatically approved by the eForm. Email notifications will be issued to the traveller and supervisor to confirm the auto-approval. This will streamline and simplify the approval process, enhancing the experience for both travellers and approvers.

What this means for staff

  • No supervisor or delegate approval will be required for travel that meets the following criteria:
    • Traveller is a staff member
    • Travel is domestic
    • Less than or equal to 5 days of travel
    • Less than or equal to $1000 of estimated funding
    • Includes no private travel, field work or cash advances
  • Email confirmation with all associated documentation will be sent to the Supervisor and Traveller
  • Detailed travel reporting will continue to be available through Insight.  We will be working with PPM in the upcoming months to develop additional reports to monitor auto approved travel.

Key Benefits

For the traveller:

  • Shorter wait time for approval

For the Supervisor and Delegate:

  • Reduced time spent on approving travel requests (circa 21%)
  • Reduced email notifications and escalations
  • Reduced administrative effort

Where to get support and assistance

Highlight news

30 Oct 2018

Travel Auto-Approval has been released! »

As an improvement to the Travel Approval eForm, an update allowing simple travel approval requests to be automatically approved. Since release, over...