Travel Approval

The new Travel Approval Process has been released for University-wide use.

Delivering improved services

The new Travel Approval process replaces the current complex manual process with a streamlined, fully-digitised and standardised solution that seamlessly integrates technology, bringing separate information together into a central location.

Previously, this process was undertaken through the completion of up to 10 paper based forms, with multiple manual delegation signoffs and submissions. 

What it means for staff

From 17 November 2014, all new travel applications and approvals are to be made through the new Travel Approval Process. 

Travel applications already in progress will continue to completion through existing processes.

The Travel Approval process is a business process which guides the traveller, based on policy based procedural rules, in completing the Travel Approval eForms and routes these applications to supervisors and delegates for approval. Travel Approval information is also pushed to Finance and HR systems.

The Travel Approval process enables a traveller to create and track the progress of a submitted travel approval, and access previously completed forms which can be used as the basis for new requests.

Please note: the Travel Approval process is not a travel itinerary. A travel itinerary is obtained once travel approval is granted and all travel bookings are confirmed and paid. This is usually provided by your travel agent or administrator.

Accessing the system

The Travel Approval process uses a web based system and can be accessed anywhere an internet connection can be established. You will need to use your normal HORUS login and password.

Login and create your travel approval

Support and assistance

For more information, resources and support services, visit the Travel Approval webpage.