Technical Consolidation Project

The Technical Consolidation Project has been established by the ANU to ensure commodity IT services that are locally managed by Colleges and Schools become university supported and are delivered in a consistent manner.  

Examples of commodity IT Services are things such as printing, storage, software deployment and desktops. 

Why is the project needed? 

A foundational enabler for the aspirational goals set out within the Digital Master Plan. the Technical Consolidation Project will allow the University to expand existing, and establish new, IT services and capabilities that can be leveraged across all Colleges, Schools and Service Divisions consistently. 

What will it achieve? 

  • Locally managed commodity IT services that are University supported 
  • Improved cyber security associated with locally managed IT through alignment with university supported IT practices 
  • Clearly defined information to stakeholders about how University supported IT services, impacted by this project, are delivered and maintained 
  • Identified opportunities for the continuous improvement and standardisation of IT services and how they are delivered 

How will it benefit the ANU community? 

  • Reduction in duplicated IT services and capabilities 
  • Simplification of digital transformation activities as a result of fewer locally managed IT environments to coordinate and integrate with 
  • Improved ability to understand the true cost of IT across the University 
  • Elevated and broadened collective and individual knowledge of university supported IT technologies 
  • IT staff across ITS and Colleges and Schools can focus on high value activities rather than managing low value workloads 
  • Reduction in security threats and vulnerabilities as a result of an increased security posture and hardening of IT environments 
  • Clear understanding of accountability and responsibilities for university supported IT services 
  • University supported IT services are consistently delivered to customers 
  • The University understands the pain points and areas of improvements to IT services that are required 

Find out more? 

To find out more about these inter-related projects please contact the Project Manager, Marty Essers or Associate Director Infrastructure, Steve Fox