Student Business Transformation

The Student Business Transformation Program was delivered into Production in September 2016. This has been a collaborative effort between various areas of the University including the Division of Student Administration, Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre, Information Technology Services, Planning and Performance Measurement, the Service Improvement Group and College and School staff.

Delivered projects included;

Manage My Degree - Coursework:

  • Leave (for International Students, Medicinae ac Chirurgiae Doctoranda (M ChD) and  Honours Students (including post graduate coursework students who are undertaking the research component of their degree))       
  • Change Enrolment:
    • Reduced Study Load
    • Add Courses - Overload
    • Add Courses - 3rd Attempt only
    • Late Withdrawal
  • Voluntary discontinuation/ Program Withdrawal
  • Extension of eCOE (electronic confirmation of enrolment)

2. Manage My Degree - HDR

  • Leave
  • Change enrolment - Add/ Drop coursework
  • Extension of program - including scholarship extensions
  • Change of intensity -  full or part time
  •  Change of program level - (PhD/MPhil/ Professional doctorate)
  • Voluntary discontinuation/ Program Withdrawal
  • Extension of eCOE (electronic confirmation of enrolment)

3. HDR Milestone Reporting

  • First Annual Research Plan
  • Annual Research Report and Plan
  • Thesis Proposal Review
  • Supplementary Review
  • Oral Presentation
  • Research Integrity Test

4. Special consideration

  • Submission and acknowledgement of request

5. Deferred examinations.

  • Submission and acknowledgement of request

Delivering improved services

The eForms facilitate streamlined and efficient processing of key student administrative activities for students and staff. The benefits for both students and staff will be achieved through a reduction in process timeframes, improved data quality, automatic document retention in ERMS, compliance with policies and procedures and providing visibility of form progress tracking. The eForms will complement the current suite of ISIS self-service functionality.

What it means for staff

There are a small number of changes to the areas responsible for activities to streamline the workflow of the forms. These include:

  • responsibility for data entry of coursework enrolment processing actions (overload and 3rd attempt) will be centralised while the endorsement and approval steps remain in the Colleges. 
  • for Reduced Study Load, the decision making step replaces the current endorsement action for compassionate and compelling reasons will be taken in the Colleges. Reduced Study Load College approval for academic reasons and processing centrally of all applications remains unchanged. 

All HDR data entry remains unchanged as a centrally managed process.

Support and assistance

The eForms have been built with links and references to applicable policy to facilitate self-help by students and academic staff. If further assistance is required, the primary points of contact for students are:

  • HDR Administrators (HDR Students only)
  • College Administrators
  • Student Central

The eForms include logic to comply with policies and procedures and are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Support resources and contacts are available on both the Staff eForms website and the Student eForms website.

We will continue to run a weekly support forum in order to understand the common issues faced by the colleges and share support solutions. The group is made up of representatives from College administrative areas and divisional staff involved in the processes. This forum is key to identifying potential areas for improvement and new enhancements for future continuous improvement.

eForm Tracking and Reporting

Administration staff for HDR and coursework will be able to track and monitor the progress of milestone eForms, and provide reporting on the duration for each step in the process, outcomes for students and non-compliance. Reporting can be accessed through

Reviewing and approving eForms

Approvers who are part of the student eForm processes (e.g. Delegated Authority, Associate Deans, STAR etc) will receive notifications through their functional group email accounts. These have been set up in coordination with College / School student administration as well as local IT support areas. This approach has been designed to ensure there is flexible coverage for review and approvals while people are on leave or travelling for work.

Groups will be maintained in the Student Administration System by administration staff and instructions can be found on the Staff eForms website.


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