SOE Uplift

A Windows SOE project has kicked off to provide a modern working environment and endpoint management for ANU.

Why is the project needed?

  • To avoid technical debt and remain current with technology offerings from Microsoft and other technology providers
  • A modern SOE will simplify management and administration of our infrastructure
  • The new SOE will provide better security for our environment 
  • To address the needs of our staff while ensuring our environment is secure

What will the project deliver?

  • A modern solution to our operating environment
  • An environment that is secure and allows us to meet security compliance such as essential 8 and CIS benchmark
  • A catalogue which allows for easy installation of standard applications
  • A refresh of old machines which are currently EOL 
  • Intune Autopilot, which means new devices can be sent directly to a user’s home to be setup

What are the benefits?

  • A modern solution for our operating environment
  • Retirement of old devices which slow down productivity due to under performing or outdated hardware
  • An environment that is secure and allows us to meet security compliance such as essential 8 and CIS benchmark.
  • A new software catalogue will simplify software requests and allow for ease of application installs
  • Ensures our operating environment remains supported and current 
  • Speed up turnaround time for new device allocation to our staff

Project exclusions

  • BYOD devices 
  • MAC OS devices 
  • Linux devices

When is the rollout planned?

The design phase is expected to be completed by end of August. Provided the design is accepted and endorsement is in place to move forward, we will proceed with the build and pilot phase.

Check this page for key dates as a plan is developed. 

We welcome your feedback.


Do have any questions about the project, have specific IT needs or want to be included as part of our pilot?

Contact the project manager: