HR Business Transformation Program

In October 2014, the Executive Director Administration and Planning endorsed a program of work to transform core administrative processes within the HR function.

What are we trying to achieve?

The objective of this Program is to provide streamlined, paperless, integrated processes to make it simpler and faster for Central, College and Divisional HR and Administrative staff to undertake these activities.

This will be achieved using the Infiniti software through the Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre.

The prioritised suite of processes to be transformed are:

  1. Person of Interest/Honorary Appointments
  2. Performance Development Reviews- Academic and Professionals
  3. Payroll Processing Improvements
    • Annual and Biennial Increments
    • Accelerated Increments
    • Higher Duties/Temporary Transfers
  4. Casual and Sessional Contracts and Timesheets
  5. Professional timesheet enhancements
  6. Online Academic timesheets 
  7. Delegations - Assignment of a Delegations profile.

Phase 2 released

Phase 2 of the HR Business Transformation Program has been released (31 August 2015). Phase 2 includes the release of the new online Performance and Development Review form for both Academic and Professional staff members.

Key benefits of the online form include:

  • improved useability (including access from both inside and outside the university)
  • an automated work flow between staff members and their supervisor (including automated reminders for completion)
  • the ability to invite a discipline lead/mentor to contribute to both the plan and assessment (Academic staff).

Step-by-step user guides for both Academic and Professional staff can be found on the HR eForms website. The Career and Development website has also been updated to provide further information in relation to undertaking the performance review.

What this means for staff

Staff members who currently have a paper-based Performance and Development Review plan in place should continue with this process and are not required to transfer their current performance plan, or create a new Performance and Development Review using the online form.

It is expected that over the next 12 months, all staff will transition to using the online form as their current PDR is completed.

New staff members will be expected to complete their Performance and Development Review plan using the new online form.

Where to get assistance

  • Visit the HR eForms website for a range of support materials.
  • Contact your local point of contact or Local HR area.

Next steps

The HR Division would like to thank users for the feedback received to date. The feedback received is currently being assessed and prioritised for future form releases. 

If you have any additional questions or feedback on these changes, please email Your feedback on how these changes do (or don't) work would be much appreciated.

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