Electronic Records Management System (ERMS)

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ANU has moved from a paper based records management to an Electronic Records Management System (ERMS).

What are we trying to achieve?

This project aims to:

  • streamline processes through electronic records management
  • create an efficient  central repository that meets legislative requirements
  • deliver an integrated and intuitive technology solution in a supported systems environment
  • provide easily accessible and reliable information.

The ERMS Project was identified during the 2013 Budget Solutions staff consultation process as one of the most important productivity enhancements for professional staff.

How will it improve our services?

The ERMS will enable you to manage records electronically so that you can:

  • easily search and find what you are looking for in one location
  • create,  store  and share records 
  • reliably track versions
  • control access to sensitive records.

Highlight news

16 Sep 2015

Transition of ERMS to business as usual »

The  Service Improvement Group (SIG) has worked closely with University Records to develop and implement the new Electronic Records Management System...