Electricity Reduction

The Electricity Reduction Initiative targets the top fifty highest energy consuming buildings for energy efficiency projects over the next two years.

What are we trying to achieve?

Seventy-five per cent of the University's electricity budget is due to the energy consumption of just fifty buildings out of 263 buildings on campus.

This project aims to reduce energy use on campus through a targeted program which involves:

  • improving the way we measure energy use by upgrading our metering systems
  • fine tuning the way our buildings operate cooling and heating systems
  • upgrading air conditioning and lighting systems in selected buildings
  • developing a strategy to reduce desk top computer energy use.

What's involved?

The project is divided into five streams (or projects) which will work in parallel.

  1. Electricity metering - installing smart metres and connecting metres to the Universities building management system.
  2. Building tune ups - fine tuning the operation of the heating and cooling systems in 44 buildings.
  3. Replacing heating and cooling systems in 31 buildings.
  4. Lighting upgrades - installing energy efficient lighting technology in 38 buildings.
  5. Implement a desk top computer energy saving policy.

Highlight news

14 Apr 2016

Electricity reduction project progresses »

The LED lighting upgrade in Ursula Hall is now complete and current analysis of electricity reduction is underway. The Toad Hall LED lighting upgrade...