Curriculum Management System (CMS)

The University is seeking a solution to streamline, enhance and provide a more agile response to the evolving requirements and complexities of curriculum management.

What is the project vision?

The CMS Project will facilitate an agile response to support innovative curriculum design and development to create more responsive learning opportunities for current and future students.

What will the project deliver?

The proposed CMS solution will include four high-level functions to support curriculum management:

  1. Curriculum Design – enabling staff to create, modify and disestablish programs, courses, sub-plans and course outlines
  2. Curriculum Mapping – enabling staff to create, view and modify curriculum mapping and competency tables (internal and external)
  3. Curriculum Collaboration – enabling staff to review and approve curriculum documents through an online workflow
  4. Curriculum Publishing – enabling staff to publish and export approved curriculum design and mapping information.

What does this mean for me?

Some potential benefits that may be achieved by improving current curriculum management processes and implementing a new CMS include:

  • Increased agility in planning of curriculum and an improved response to global opportunities through a simplified and transparent curriculum planning, development, and approval process
  • Innovation through increased responsiveness to changes in learning requirements from ideation through to publication
  • Efficient and effective mapping of learning outcomes against set curriculum to assist in producing skilled student cohorts and ensuring that accreditation requirements are satisfied appropriately
  • Consistency in curriculum and assurance of a single source of truth to capture the approved curriculum lifecycle.

Implementation of an end-to-end, automated and seamlessly integrated process for the development, management and mapping of curriculum.

When does CMS go live?

The CMS will be live on 31 October 2018 with Course and Class Summaries. The roll-out of CMS will continue over the month of November for all remaining functionality. For further information regarding the roll-out, please contact your relevant College or School Administrator or refer to Curriculum Management System.

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