Workflow Improvements within your Costing & Pricing Tool

12 August 2016

This month the project team is working with College Deans and their staff to put in place tailored workflows to improve the Certificate process for all research projects. What does this mean for you:


  • When you work with colleagues across Colleges, the tool now provides notifications that support your professional team in a seamless certification process. Your Deans will unify the roles and responsibilities of professional staff in your college and school making the workflow more transparent within the tool.
  • Going forward, if you require a waiver for the funds provider recovery rate the approval by your delegate can be recorded within the tool  at any stage during the application helping to capture these decisions.
  • If further information is needed during the Certification process, the system now allows ‘pushback’ to the Research Administrator to enable them to support you in providing set information to the Reviewers and Approvers when they have access to it.


  • There are new roles in the system, all of which have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  Mapping of current roles to new roles within the tool is underway to enable seamless transition to the new tool in October.
  • The flexibility introduced within the tool workflow allows support of College specific work practices.
  • The certification cycle has been changed to allow ‘pushback’ to the Research Administrator in addition to the LCI to allow better support to the Researcher.

Please remember your involvement in User Acceptance Testing is critical to ensuring that the new Costing & Pricing Tool meets your needs.