Work continues on HDR thesis and examinations, and admissions

12 April 2017

Work has progressed on the HDR Administration Project over the last month, with extensive consultation across campus occurring in both the Exams and Thesis submissions and admissions projects. 

Examination & Thesis submission 

The objective of this project is to implement digitalised and automated thesis submission and examination forms. The HDR Administrative Support Project Steering Committee approved the project brief on 5 April 2017.  For more information on this project please contact Megan Easton.

HDR Admissions

Consultation on the current processes university wide is in progress. The initial scope will focus on those areas of the lifecycle that are higher in value and lower in complexity, which is defined as the Core Applications processing and Acceptance (domestic and international students) processes, with the second priority to consider the pre-application stage of the student lifecycle. For more information on this project please contact Karen Cameron.

Detailed planning is now underway for a rapid improvement events (RIE) to be held in May for both projects.  A RIE is part of the Lean Process Improvement methodology that is being used in the SIG by the Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre (IDTC). This methodology is currently being used across numerous process improvement initiatives in Universities across Australia and Internationally. The RIE for each project will be approximately 3.5 days and involves key process participants focusing on solving a scoped process improvement opportunity. The first 3 days focuses on the current process, the customer journey, identifying areas for improvement including opportunities for simplification and streamlining and then the mapping of the future process. The final morning would see the RIE participants present their proposal to the Dean, HDR & College ADR’s. The difference between a RIE and typical workshops / working groups is: the planning for the event is extensive, leadership has given approval for change, an agreed ‘to be’ process is developed before the RIE is completed.