We're moving to electronic records

11 August 2014

ANU is moving from paper based records management to an Electronic Records Management System (ERMS). The ERMS Project was identified during the 2013 Budget Solutions staff consultation process as one of the most important productivity enhancements for professional staff.

The ERMS will be rolled out to colleges, divisions and service areas in 2015 and make it easier for staff to search, create, store, share and control records of the University.

In preparation for the ERMS, a digitisation process is being undertaken, commencing with scanning of personnel files and then student files between now and the end of the year. As a result there will be changes to the way these files can be accessed, updated and created. Further information relating to these changes can be found on the University Records website.

The project team will be working in partnership with Colleges and Service Divisions to help transition to the new system as well as co-ordinate the digitisation program. Training and resources for staff will also be available later in the year and cover records management responsibilities and how to use the new system.