Website Services Review

2 September 2019

The University website services review is complete, with the report being tabled for UICT in late July. The review has identified key issues that necessitate a major redevelopment of the digital ecosystem.

There is now compelling evidence that the existing ANU website and associated webpages are not meeting users’ needs, whether they are executive, academic, professional staff, research partners, students or external users.

The current web infrastructure contains a mix of external and inward facing content, which results in an engagement platform that is confusing to users. The website also has issues as an information platform because of its indirect and complicated layout.

The report has identified a number of high-level issues that require urgent attention:

  • The current sites need to be reorganised so that they are more accessible to people unfamiliar with the University’s business structure. In developing new website designs, staff need to consider the user’s needs or experience to make pages and website structure more user-friendly.
  • We need to develop an overarching website strategy and clear governance structure, as there are currently  over 750 competing digital touchpoints.
  • Clear ownership of webpages is required to ensure areas are accountable for maintaining their content.
  • Drupal technical services are located across ITS, Colleges and the Marketing Office, and should be in a single contactable area.
  • Further training on Drupal and its uses is required before staff are allowed website editing access.

For more information regarding the report and the Web Services Review, please contact