Web Services Review Update

20 March 2019

There has been a comprehensive review of the University's website services conducted over the last few months. So far the review of the ANU web presence has involved a range of stakeholder workshops which took place in February and were attended by over sixty staff members from across the Colleges and Service Divisions. The review is being conducted in three phases, with the third phase currently underway.

Outcomes to date include a review of strategic documentation, a high-level site audit, Google Analytics review, and heat map tracking code which was placed across the sites. More information on the structure and scheduling is available on the Website Services Review Project Page.

The Ladoo agency, which is conducting the review, is mid-way through an expert content review, looking at key areas within the ANU domain and College sites.

Additional stakeholder workshops for students and some business areas will be held in early April.

You can register for these events via Facebook:

If you have any questions or input for the review please contact david.pearson@anu.edu.au or 6125 7178.