Updates to Procurement services

2 June 2020

The University’s Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO) advises the following adjustments to services as the campus progressively reopens.  

Scientific Consumables

Suppliers for scientific consumable products will dispatch any open orders from 2 June 2020 and arrange for these items to be delivered and receipted. Any new orders placed will be processed and delivered by the supplier(s) as per regular processes.  

Hazardous and Chemical Waste

Collection and disposal of hazardous and chemical waste will recommence regular collection schedules for the respective schools.

Gas, Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen and BOC Vessel Maintenance

Supply and delivery of compressed gas, dry ice and liquid nitrogen will recommence regular supply and delivery schedules for the respective schools.

Vessel and container refill and onsite maintenance services will recommence for the respective schools and be undertaken in a manner compliant with territory and federal legislation.

Multi-Function Devices (MFDs)

Maintenance and servicing works, delivery of MFDs and consumables replacement including toners to recommence from 2 June 2020.

Security – Cash in Transit (CIT) Services

UPCO is working with the University’s internal stakeholders to determine requirements for cash in transit services from 2 June 2020.

Fleet services

Due to the extended time away from campus, we anticipate that some University fleet vehicles may have flat batteries. We recommend that staff check and start the vehicles upon return to campus.  Each vehicle is equipped with a Driver Assistance Card and contact details for NRMA roadside assistance. If you are experiencing any issues starting your vehicle, please call 1800 009 082 for assistance.

Stationery, office supplies and furniture

Staff are now able to order stationery, office supplies and furniture as per normal. Please note that there may be potential delays due to increased COVID demands for cleaning items and office furniture.

For any enquiries relating to the above arrangements or should you require adjustment to your current servicing requirements, please email contracts.office@anu.edu.au