Update on HDR Administrative Support Program

11 September 2017

In 2016 SIG and IDTC released eForms as part of the Student Business Transformation project, (HDR Milestone Reporting, Special Consideration / Deferred Examinations, Manage My Degree - Coursework and Manage My Degree - HDR) to date over 5,000 Milestone forms have been generated and more than 1,700 MMD forms with completion rates averaging at 86%.

Recent achievements for the project include:

  • May and June 2017: Rapid Improvement Events held for HDR Exams and Thesis Submission and HDR Admissions projects, with future state processes confirmed.
  • June 2017: Architecture Review undertaken with ITS, SIG/IDTC and Registrar (SA) and endorsement of Intelledox Infiniti being a ‘fit for purpose’ technology solution for HDR Exams and Thesis Submission.  System landscape documented.
  • July 2017: Technology solutions for HDR Admissions confirmed as Intelledox Infiniti. Functional Specifications for Exams and Thesis has commenced.

What's next?

  • Monitor and support post-implementation of MMD-HDR eForms
  • HDR Admissions:
    • Commence Functional Spec for Admissions eForm
    • Admissions Reference Group established and first sessions held
    • Non-Technology enablers defined and implemented (eg publishing improvements, process guidance, student mentoring).
  • Exams & Thesis Submissions:
    • Commenced Analysis/requirement elicitation > Functional Specification > Technical Specification
    • IDTC Agile Build/test cycle to commence in Q4 2017
    • Anticipated go live 1 February 2018.

Want to know more or get involved?

The HDR Admissions Working Group is meeting fortnightly to discuss the functional specification requirements for the HDR Admissions eForm. Any staff or students involved in the HDR Admissions process are encouraged to attend these working groups. Meetings are held in the Mills Room, Chancelry at 10:30am and are scheduled as follows:

9 October – Core Application Processing Functional Specification

23 October – Acceptance Process Functional Specifications

6 November – Reporting Functional Specifications

20 November -  ANU PhD Policy

4 December – Published Information

If you would like further information please get in touch with the SIG project managers Kailee Fisher (PM for the Admissions component) or Megan Easton (PM for the broader body of HDR work).