Upcoming eForm Continuous Improvements

24 August 2018

Travel Approval: Improvements will be made to the Travel Approval form to more closely align the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade risk advice to the form’s operation, as well as changes to per diem rates and GL code selection options.  

Travel ‘Auto’ Approval:   A new feature of the Travel Approval form will be released, enabling the automated approval of certain low-risk travel applications. Associated changes to policy and procedure are also included as part of this work. This new feature assesses all travel applications based on defined business rules, notifying delegates of low-risk domestic travel requests without the requirement for active approval on their behalf. This will drastically reduce the number of Travel Approval requests that supervisors and delegates need to action, with regular reporting assisting in monitoring the impact of this feature.

MMD Coursework: Building on the release of similar functionality for HDR Students, student refund request functionality will be added to the Manage My Degree Coursework eForm later this year. Marks and grades will also be incorporated into the form, providing better access to this information during submission and subsequent decision making.

Functions on Campus: The first of three significant continuous improvement bodies of work will be delivered which will further streamline staff applications, simplifying the process by reducing red-tape and eliminating obsolete functionality. Changes will also be made to assist the Functions on Campus team to better track and administer requests.

Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SELT) Requests: The next evolution of the SELT Request eForm will be released to all Course Conveners during Summer Session 2018/2019. More information available here