University Services Feedback - Now open for staff and student feedback

25 September 2018

In recent weeks, a series of posters promoting University Services Feedback have appeared across the ANU. The eForm was launched in January of this year, and is a great opportunity for you to provide us with your ideas to improve a service; compliment a staff member or team on providing excellent service; or give your opinion about a service that didn’t meet your expectations. Feedback is welcomed across a broad range of categories, from parking, health services, and campus retailers, to timetabling, security, and website accessibility. You can find the University feedback button on the ANU Services page and throughout the website. 

So far the ANU community has provided 286 pieces of feedback. This information is already influencing short and long-term plans to improve your experience at ANU. Stay tuned on the feedback website, where we will let you know how your feedback has made a difference.

If you have not yet seen one of the animal posters for University Services Feedback in your area, please contact the team via the email address below to give everyone a voice to improve their experience at ANU.  For more information on all things relating to University Services Feedback you can visit the University Services Feedback webpage or email

To complete feedback now, click here.