Uniforum Benchmarking – How do we compare?

25 September 2018

Since 2011, ANU has participated in the Uniforum survey, which collects data on 153 activities across ANU. This information allows ANU to compare how we are doing against 30 leading universities from Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada.

As the results of this year’s Uniforum survey have now been finalised, reports for key Service Divisions and Colleges are being prepared and will be released in the coming months. The reports will provide comprehensive information about the University’s comparative performance in relation to our professional staff profile and the cost of providing support services to research and teaching. The UniForum data provides the ANU with important insights into our service operations and assists in making informed decisions relating to areas such as service delivery costs, organisation design, process redesign and investment priorities.

There is some interesting information that comes from this collection, such as:

  • How many people are our Help Desk servicing compared to other universities?
  • How much are we spending on people maintaining our beautiful campus gardens (per square metre) compared to other universities?
  • What proportion of new staff do we hire each year compared to other universities?
  • How many finance activities are staff undertaking in schools or colleges?
  • What does our student mix look like when compared to UK universities?
  • How many people does ANU have that manage other staff?

For more information on the Uniforum benchmarking process, please contact the Service Improvement Group Strategy and Planning section at benchmarking@anu.edu.au.