UniForum 2018

11 December 2017

Preparation for the 2018 UniForum Collection administration is well underway. The collection provides vital information on the professional services that support our research and teaching activities at ANU and enables us to compare our performance against other higher education institutions in Australia, and internationally. We have used the data and information gathered through this process to inform Senior Management and Council on the University's performance and have used the data to assist in the identification of priority areas for service improvement. The UniForum data is becoming integral to our service improvement decision making processes.

The UniForum collection gathers:

  1. information on all professional staff that worked at any time during 2017 (non-academic staff paid via payroll)
  2. information on all suppliers that delivered administrative support services at any time during 2017 (non-academic, non-payroll resources)
  3. supplementary information to assist in scaling resources (e.g. revenue, student numbers, floor area etc)

There are three main roles that assist in the completion of these collections:

  1. UniForum Program Manager: coordinate all collection activity for ANU. This role is performed by the Service Improvement Group (SIG).
  2. Primary Contact: a representative from each service division / college that takes responsibility for overseeing the completion of both professional staff and supplier collections for their primary area. This person is also responsible for ensuring that data is submitted on time and is correct.
  3. Collection Respondent: the person who completes the activity coding on behalf of their team(s) within their primary area. Please note that Collection Respondents for the professional staff collection and the supplier collection often differ. Supplier collection respondents are typically Finance Managers and complete the collection for the entire primary area.



Action required by

4 – 15 Dec 2017

Confirmation of Primary Contacts

SDDs and CGMs

15 – 26 Jan 2018

Confirmation of Collection Areas and Respondents

Primary Contacts

Late Jan – early Feb

Training/resources/information sessions for collection completion

Primary Contacts

Collection Respondents

5 – 9 Feb

Links distributed to Primary Contacts

UniForum Program Manager

12 – 16 Feb

Primary Contacts to generate links and distribution to Collection Respondents

Primary Contacts

12 Feb – 2 Mar

Supplier Collection open period

Supplier Collection Respondents

19 Feb – 2 Mar

Professional Staff Collection open period

Collection Respondents

26 Feb – 16Mar

Supplementary data collection


5 – 9 Mar

Primary Contacts review of Professional Staff Collection and final submission

Primary Contacts

5 – 9 Mar

Primary Contacts review of Supplier Collection and final submission

Primary Contacts

12 Mar – 6 Apr

Final review of all data and submission to Cubane

UniForum Program Managers

If you have any questions regarding UniForum, please contact benchmarking@anu.edu.au.