Unconscious Bias training impact – silver bullet?

We still see many organisations focused on ‘one off’ cattle dipping exercises to ‘cure’ employees of unconscious bias. Sure, understanding bias is important – but you need to go much further and you need to make it practical …AND like any new habit …you need repetition and practical action.

We hate to burst your bubble if you think you are doing well in diversity and inclusion because you are running some unconscious bias sessions – save your time and money – it won’t work and the ROI will be very limited. We have been saying this for years …and the research backs us up.

Hear Maureen’s opinion on unconscious bias training and the research to back her up. Find out what she would recommend to actually get results.

The webinar Unconscious bias training impact – silver bullet? will be streamed in the Garran Room in the Anthony Low building on Tuesday 12 December 4.00-5.00pm.

If you wish to attend please email sage@anu.edu.au.


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